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June 2022

Obiwulu Chidimma

Darling by Obiwulu Chidimma

To that heart of gold that guided the tendrils of my green soul.
To those hands of love that steadied my unsure shaky steps.
Your love is like the rain, knowing no foe
Like the sun, baring my hidden places.

Your laughter is the onset of rain.
The first droplets on our roof, that sweet scent of dust meeting rain.
Your care is as enormous as the folds of flesh under your full drooping breasts,
where you warm my cold dreams and give them wings to fly.

What then shall I say of your beauty?
For your skin is like Shea nuts in the sun,
and your eyes, lucid pools of wisdom,
guarded by those glorious lines of wrinkled flesh.

The sun rose adorned in gloom, on that morn your breath had ceased.
The heavens wept in sorrow and their tears mixed with mine,
and these tears, heaven’s and mine,
mingled with the sweat on the back of these men,
who built for you a house in the earth.

True, this insatiable earth
your beauty and flesh now has claimed.
Though my eyes have been deprived
of your shine that mocks the sun
but in this heart you live eternal.
And my waking call is still


© 2021 Obiwulu Chidimma. All rights reserved.  Reproduction or transmission of this work in any part or form is strictly prohibited without the author’s prior written consent.

About the author

Chidimma Obiwulu was born in Anambra State, Nigeria . She is currently studying Sinology at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria.

Chidimma is an ardent lover of the arts, she views writing as a magical process through which one is allowed to roam free in the ethereal world of their imaginations. She thoroughly enjoys the ability to share her thoughts and experiences through poems and short stories. This is her first time getting published.

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