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Feb 2023

Harry Wilson Kapatika

The Black University in Mzansi by Harry Wilson Kapatika


A Tale of Two Countries begins with the following premise:
The tip of Azania is engulfed in a cloud of bedridden tire-smoke.
As confidence begins to erode
And hesitancy becomes the charred pieces of a necklace
Of missing resources, revenues and hope;
The caricature of African poverty, and African humanity
Descends further into
The underworld of a political trope…

Defined by class, measured by grade,
The weather has changed,
And the rolling clouds of feared blackness has come full-circle
with the mask of a supposedly
swarthy and foreboding face.
Irrational numbers and the Absolute Zero of history they say,
But what did the
Sanusi say?

The anxiety of the drums and machetes
When the uniformed bulls are taking aim –
Amid the sweet smell of crying/dying grass –
Will become a transference of the forces of the displaced.
Mentally ransacked from Moorosi Mountain to the hills of Eastern Cape,
From the blunt domain of
Sharpville to the mines of Marikana waste.

© 2021 Harry Wilson Kapatika. All rights reserved.  Reproduction or transmission of this work in any part or form is strictly prohibited without the author’s prior written consent.

About the author

Harry Wilson Kapatika is an African born scribe, researcher, poet and aspiring cultural worker whose free time is spent occupied in realms of the sonic and artefactual archives of ancient and modern Africa. Kapatika has been writing and sharing his poetry since 2016. His essays have been featured in various blogs and he has also recently contributed to a digital e-book which published an international collection of cultural workers and scholars compositions entitled; ‘Creativity under Confinement’ (2021).

His first book was a self-published stream-of-consciousness text which can be described as an anthological and philosophical work, comprising of both prose and poetry entitled; ‘Ruminations before the Five Seasons’ (2019).

Kapatika holds a MA degree in Philosophy which he obtained at the University of the Western Cape (2022). He completed his BA undergraduate degree (2019) with the highest honours in his faculty in History, Philosophy and English Literature at the same institution.

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