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April 2021

Aliker P’Ocitti

Why I Speak by Aliker P’Ocitti

I speak for their voices to be heard
Because, only speaking heals the soul
If I don’t speak, who will
That is why I speak

I speak for their freedom
A caged bird is never free to fly
To fly from fear
Or  fly for food
A caged bird, will always seek to fly

I speak for their  rights
Domesticated guinea fowls are like other birds
That have wings to fly in the sky
Because,  they are birds
That is why I speak

I speak for their humanity
Like a lawyer, I speak for the lawless
Because laws make our in-laws, outlaws
And inmates by law
That is why I speak

I speak to shine lights of wisdom
In the darkness of their world
From the indignity of words
To inspire love in a world of wild words
That is  why I speak

© 2020. Aliker P’Ocitti. All rights reserved.  Reproduction or transmission of this work in any part or form is strictly prohibited without the author’s prior written consent.

About the author

Aliker P’Ocitti is a poet, published author (My Mayor. The Political Campaign Story of a Poor Elite and Rich Illiterate), Blogger (www.lagulu.wordpress.com), Editor in Chief of Northern Era News-NEN (www.nen.co.ug) and Motivational Speaker.

Aliker is also a T.V Host at Wan Luo T.V (Wangoo P’Kaka) program and a regular local radio and T.V commentator.  He is the founder of Gulu Writers Club (GWC) and contributes opinion pieces on The Daily Monitor, The New Vision, The Weekly Observer, Chimpreports (Online) and Nile Post (Online) in Uganda.

He holds a B.A. in Education and a Master’s in Peace and Justice Studies from Makerere University (Uganda) and University of San Diego (USA) respectively.

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