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Aug 2021

Okunola Peace

Someday by Okunola Peace

Someday when the air is sweet to breathe in
And the barren land that yields nothing
Yields ripe fruits and crops for the belly
Of men that has overcome life’s challenges.

In a land, far away from mortal’s keen sight
Where the beach is blue and the water is divine
And the trees swing to their own melody
Shall I make my home, free from strife and peril.

The threat of doom that life always cast
Poised over us, unseen by our mortal eyes
But, felt in the breeze that blows in the sky
Shall be no more, but a memory of the past.

I will watch the sun set in his mighty glory
Free of all worry and bitter burden
I will smile and laugh with my lovely family
As we all nestle in the cradle that life has woven.

© 2019. Okunola Peace. All rights reserved.  Reproduction or transmission of this work in any part or form is strictly prohibited without the author’s prior written consent.

About the author

Okunola Peace is a Nigerian born and based writer. He enjoys writing as a profession as well as doing so as a hobby. He also loves music, reading and traveling.

His favorite pet is a cat. He has a great respect for humanity and loves to write about life and her beauties. When he is not reading or writing, he can be seen sketching in his favorite sketchbook.

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African Global Networks (AGN) – Aug 2021