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Oct 2022

Francis Chilolo

Drown me by Francis Chilolo

Drown me my love beneath thy love,
And let no hair show above.
Bless me with thy appealing and lovely beauty,
And dont forget to sing to me my guilty.

Wash my body clean with thy words,
And with that voice as little birds.
Dress me up purely with thy fragrances,
And therefore, draw to me all glances.

Feed my hungry soul with thy presence,
And let me hold you as we dance.
Lean forward, hold my hand tight,
And let me show you the path to the light.

Shy away not nor turn thy gaze from me,
But with those eyes as stars, burn me.
Leave traces or perhaps marks of thy lips on me,
And to everyone will sing your possession of me.

O’ my flower hold my shoulder firmly,
And I’ll take on the form of a valley’s lily.
Elegantly move your body with every step we make,
And cover me like a fish in a blue lake.

Praise my goodness and lift up my egotism,
For I can’t keep it together as a light through a prism.
Lift up my spirits with your blessings and kindness.
And I shall forever stand like a mighty fortress.

© 2022 Francis Chilolo. All rights reserved.  Reproduction or transmission of this work in any part or form is strictly prohibited without the author’s prior written consent.

About the author

Francis Kasalwe Chilolo was born during the earlier part of this century in Zambia, Northern Province. He started writing poetry in January 2020 while at Kafushi High School. Most of his high school poems were just a written to pass time and for presentation in class.

Francis has written several short stories and poems. He began to post his poems in 2021 and his first poem to be published was ‘Dad My Best Friend’; for him, this is the beginning of great things.

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